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Cat Jack/Jacksepticeye/Sean (Logo Eye) (Part 3) :iconnekoakatsuki13:nekoakatsuki13 0 0 Cat Jack/Jacksepticeye/Sean (Human Fts)(Redo)(P2) :iconnekoakatsuki13:nekoakatsuki13 0 0 Cat Jack/Jacksepticeye/Sean (No Human Fts) (Redo) :iconnekoakatsuki13:nekoakatsuki13 1 0 Cat Markiplier/Mark/Markimoo (Human Fts)(Redo Hair :iconnekoakatsuki13:nekoakatsuki13 3 0 Cat Markiplier/Mark/Markimoo (No Human Fts)(Rehair :iconnekoakatsuki13:nekoakatsuki13 1 0 Cat Yamimash/Yami (Human Features) :iconnekoakatsuki13:nekoakatsuki13 0 0 Cat Yamimash/Yami (No Human Features) :iconnekoakatsuki13:nekoakatsuki13 1 0 Cat SeaNanners/Nanners/Adam (Human Features) :iconnekoakatsuki13:nekoakatsuki13 2 0 Cat SeaNanners/Nanners/Adam (No Human Features) :iconnekoakatsuki13:nekoakatsuki13 1 0
Love (First Poetry/Thing Try)
I used to jump at every chance to talk to you, even still now.
Bit irises never looked warm, unlike mine.
A reflection was never there.
It was mere empty space of a white wall or desk.
Three years ago a hook lodged itself into my heart.
Eventually it slipped out, but merely to be replaced.
Silver and black, a knife was the dug into the place of my heart.
The blade was from the cloak.
But there were times when there was music because of me.
And it'd smile from hearing it, because that means a reflection surfaced, if only brief.
It only lasted such little time before the music and reflection wasn't there.
It was then the knife was bumped into my heart.
A vicious bump it was as it was straight through.
You both bumped it, unintentionally of course since there was no image of either thing being there.
You were taller than her, but her level and age was taller that you.
She was a kind who would always show a reflection in irises.
Futile it was trying to pull out the blade, too deep in.
It s
:iconnekoakatsuki13:nekoakatsuki13 1 0
Cat Mari (Human Features) :iconnekoakatsuki13:nekoakatsuki13 3 0 Cat Mari (No Human Features) :iconnekoakatsuki13:nekoakatsuki13 1 0 Cat DLive (Human Features) :iconnekoakatsuki13:nekoakatsuki13 0 0 Cat DLive (No Human Features) :iconnekoakatsuki13:nekoakatsuki13 0 0 Cat EntoanThePack/Entoan (Human Features) :iconnekoakatsuki13:nekoakatsuki13 3 13 Cat EntoanThePack/Entoan (No Human Features) :iconnekoakatsuki13:nekoakatsuki13 1 0


Hoh :iconumihoshi:UmiHoshi 18 6 Suoh Mikoto :iconizaya88:Izaya88 36 2
Mature content
Bedtime :iconmemoriessofred:MemoriessOfRed 6 0
K Project: Kings :iconjenova87:Jenova87 150 16 Suoh Mikoto :iconmemory45:Memory45 2 0 Mikoto Suoh :iconchocobokun:chocobokun 2 0 Chibi Mikoto Suoh and Reisi Munkata :iconblackbutlerrulez:BlackButlerRuleZ 2 0 Suoh Mikoto :iconlyska27:lyska27 7 0 Sweep :iconchisakiryuunosuke:chisakiryuunosuke 7 6 No Blood No Bone No Ash :iconhakuryukagami:HakuryuKagami 3 0
Asymmetrical Dare Kid x reader
"(Name)! Truth or dare?" Liz asks you.
"Dare!" You chirp giddily. There was still a smile tugging at your lips from Maka's last dare. Who knew Tsubaki could be so evil?
"I dare you to-" Liz started, but was cut off by her sister hanging on her arm and laughing like a maniac.
"Make it about giraffes! Please! Please! Pleeeeaaaase!!!!" Patti begs smiling widely.
"No, Patti, this is better than giraffes" Liz says, smirking evilly.
"Can someone just dare me already?" You persist.
"I dare you to let me draw something on your forehead in sharpie and go show Kid!" She says. The poor reaper had been bothered all night by you five, but nevertheless he would be bothered again. That's what he gets for allowing a sleepover to be held in his home.
"Will I be allowed to look at it after you're done?" I ask.
"Sure, as long as you go out there" Liz says.
"Alrighty then! Draw away!" You say and she gets to work, her smile never slipping from her face. The other girls begin to smile as she puts the finis
:iconmsgeeknerd:MsGeekNerd 483 1,888
Red King's Musings :icondarkn2ght:darkn2ght 147 20 Mikoto Suoh :iconxszeszilx:xSzeszilx 2 0 Inktober#05 - Mikoto Suoh :iconclairestryfe:ClaireStryfe 13 0 Mikoto Suoh :iconkidd19:kidd19 15 2
Mature content
Yandere Mikoto Suoh x Reader My red queen :iconcell-loving-lady:Cell-loving-lady 9 0



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I am around I promise you. I haven't gone through my notifications in a while so it may seem like I'm not here, but I just don't like walking to the library in the winter in Wisconsin. But I've done some writing cause I've had the time to since school has been getting closed, due to freezing rain. So I'm almost done with this one chapter but it has taken me so long. And I'm still open to Youtuber Cat requests, it'll just be a while until I get to the library again. I don't have internet at home. So ya I'm alive, and finding time to work. I've even gamed a little! Getting back into my passions.


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United States
I'm not very good at drawing or anything like that when it comes to computer art. There is nothing to really know about me. If you want to know something ask me. My main focus is on my own series that is a crossover called Forest and creating Youtuber cat versions, but with a certain program. Please enjoy my stories! ^U^


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